Press statement of BOC Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon on supposed inconsistency in the actual value of seized shabu in Valenzuela City

“I would like to clarify inconsistent reports as to the actual value of the high-grade shabu seized by Bureau of Customs (BOC) agents from two warehouses in Valenzuela City last Friday.”

“We would like to make it clear that the confiscated shabu weighed 605 kilos, not 604 kilos as we reported earlier.”

“However, there were reports that pegged the value of shabu at P3 billion, a stark contrast to the P6.5 billion that we have estimated.”

“The Bureau of Customs relied on the estimated street value of the illegal drugs based on the common practice of retailers to mix shabu with extenders, such as alum or tawas.”

“Let me emphasize, however, that nobody sells pure or high-grade shabu on the streets. They always mix it with equal amounts of extenders to double the volume. Iyan ang kalakaran talaga sa labas, batay sa street value.”

“In effect, the 605 kilos of shabu will double and weigh 1,210 kilos as a result of adding extenders. Shabu is said to cost P5 million per kilo. Therefore, based on this calculation, the seized shabu will have an estimated street value close to P6 billion.”

“Our agents acted on the intelligence report from the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of China Customs which pointed to the illegal shipments consigned to the warehouses in Valenzuela.”

“I assure the public that the BOC will continue to strictly protect the country’s borders and prevent the entry of illegal drugs to prevent a repeat of the incident.” ##

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